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Restore your carpets with professional carpet cleaning in Tulsa from Multi-Clean.

If you’re been considering replacing your carpets due to discoloration or dirt and grime seated deep within the fibers, look instead into a professional carpet cleaning from Tulsa’s own Multi-Clean. In order to rescue your carpet from years of staining, dirt, and abuse that have left it looking faded and dingy, the Tulsa commercial cleaning company Multi-Clean is thrilled to offer professional carpet cleaning. The carpet cleaning experts from Multi-Clean provide carpet steam cleaning that removes years of dirt, grime, and debris that settles keep within the fibers of your carpet over the years. Just when you thought all hope was lost, the expert carpet cleaners from Multi-Clean are experienced in red wine stain removal in order to make your dining room ready for guests again. The Tulsa carpet cleaners from Multi-Clean can also assist you in preparing for guests with pet urine stain removal. For a less invasive way to clean carpets, the carpet cleaners from Multi-Clean are pleased to provide the dry/bonnet method of professional carpet cleaning for a more efficient clean. Save your carpets from years of abuse with professional carpet steam cleaning from Tulsa’s carpet cleaning experts at Multi-Clean.

Undo years of grime and staining with professional carpet cleaning from Multi-Clean.

Tired of grungy, stained carpets ruining the aesthetic of your home or business? Turn back the clock on dirt and stains with professional carpet cleaning from the steam cleaning experts at Multi-Clean. From red wine stain removal and pet urine stain removal, the Tulsa carpet cleaners from Multi-Clean are thrilled to help make your carpets look more like new with professional steam cleaning. Whether you’re in need of professional janitorial services or water damage restoration, experience the superior quality of Multi-Clean—Tulsa’s finest commercial cleaning company. The experienced cleaning experts bring their years of cleaning experience to your home, business, or office facility for a noticeable clean that you and the visitors of your home or business are sure to enjoy. Contact the Tulsa cleaning service experts from Multi-Clean for a free quote on professional carpet cleaning for your home or business.

If you are looking for the highest level of professionalism, quality and care for cleaning your carpet, consider Multi-Clean for your job.

We specialize in:

  • Deep Steam Cleaning
  • Dry/Bonnet Method
  • Urine Stain Removal
  • Red Stain Removal
  • Friendly Staff

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What our clients Say :

Every where I turn a round I am running into Multi-Clean. I used them to clean the carpets in my home and they did an outstanding job. Very professional, stayed on schedule and fairly priced. I will definitely continue to use them again. Since I started using Multi-Clean I have seen them at my place of employment as well as the church I attend. I asked those responsible at both places if they were satisfied with Multi-Cleans performance. Both gave glowing reports. That just confimed what I already had experienced. Multi-Clean is a class company that will continue to grow their business and will definitely keep mine.

– Lonnie Hamilton, VP – Quanta Services