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You will love working with a multi-clean Commercial Cleaning OKC company! This is because of our ability to give you consistency and quality across the board when it comes to you cleaning crews and owners. Integrity is the foundation of multi-clean. it starts all the way with our owner and that Integrity is instilled and every single member of our cruise and all of our cleaners as well. We take our clients’ invitation to be a part of their team extremely seriously. It is a privilege not a guarantee For us to be a part of our clients team.

We know that we are the best at what we do because of our ability to not only provide you quality and consistent services when it comes to Commercial Cleaning OKC businesses, but because of our ability to also provide paper products, trash bags, and soap, and more. We like to make sure that our clients are taken care of even if that means carrying our own paper products and some cleaning products. We also use Spartan cleaning products which have been proven to kill HIV on surfaces. We know that you’ll appreciate this because of how careful we are to maintain our clients’ businesses as well as take the estimates that we do seriously.

We know that when you are searching for a cleaner it can be hard to narrow down who is the best service to go with. There are several Commercial Cleaning OKC companies that you will find but none of them will stack up against us. This is due to the fact that we focus on service. Your satisfaction is extremely important to every single employee that we have here at multi-clean. We expect nothing but the best from each and every one of our crews and cleaners. Everyone on our team including each manager, cleaner, supervisor, and office staff are all held to the same standards. We know that turnover rates happen when you own a company so we make sure to instill integrity and the value of a job well done in each and every one of our employees.

We want to make sure that we make it clear that you will not find our level of service focused cleaning and quality Focus cleanings anywhere else. There are many other competitors but we blow them out of the water. Especially with our ability to offer truck mounted cleaners that run at 1,000 PSI with 210 degree water, this is the office of the ability to provide professional level carpet cleaning, for waxing, pressure washing, and pretty work along with our everyday Janitorial services. We know that you won’t be disappointed working with us because of our ability to give you the top quality service that you’re looking for.

You can go online to our website to request your free estimate at, from there we will be able to view your online entry so that we can call you within 24 hours of receiving it and get you set up with an estimate. If you’re in Oklahoma City you can also call 918-523-8300and we will help you get set up or if you are in Tulsa you can call 918-523-8300 and we will help you get set up for amazing customer service.

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Our clients are what enables us to be able to get back to our community. With over 30 years in business it’s no secret that we value community and what is now a flourishing and thriving area in Oklahoma City and tulsa. I was one of the leaders in Commercial Cleaning OKC services. We were able to donate Services to help give a home away from home to a family in need. We do this through Hospitality House of Tulsa. When you have been in business for 30 years it’s a given that you will become passionate about your community. We love being able to give back to the community that gives back to us.

We are locally owned and a leader in providing commercial cleaning services. Multi-clean has only ever had one owner and that is Kevin thomas. he grew up in Tulsa and went to college in Oklahoma so he has been a local here since his childhood. He and his family have been committed to building a team that is trustworthy, full of integrity, and detail oriented. their team always has your needs at the center of their heart. aside from being one of the best Commercial Cleaning OKC companies you will find they are extremely compassionate about their clients.

This Commercial Cleaning OKC company is experienced and reliable, you get expertly trained Cruise as well as a team of insured cleaning Professionals able to give you their knowledge and experience in order to keep your office looking sparkling and clean. not only will it look great but it will also feel safe and secure when they are done. They also offer unique personalized service that is tailored to each and every single one of their clients. If there are certain things you don’t want them to touch then they won’t. If there are certain things that need extra care and consideration, then they will give them that. they’re a team that bends over backwards to make sure that your best interest and needs are met. they make sure to meet your needs day in and day out.

We know that there are other competitors when it comes to commercial cleaning services, but multi-clean is the best one you will find. This is because of their ability to give you the utmost attention to detail, as well as experienced and reliable team members, and a personalized service that is customly fit to your individual needs. They are trained to clean and maintain all types of flooring including hardwood floors, tile, ceramic, marble, and even vinyl. if you need to get your floors sparkling again and they are the team to call.

if you would like to request more information then they have a contact us form online at or if you’re an OKC resident you can call 918-523-8300if you’re a Tulsa resident you can call 918-523-8300. Their office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time with services available 24/7.

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