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With our pristine Commercial Cleaning OKC service you can wow all of your awesome customers who enter your facility and even boost overall productivity through the organization of your business. For over 30 years we have been building totally beneficial relationships and an extremely high reputation amongst our wonderful customers. By providing both amazing cleaning services and phone service all year round we can more efficiently benefit your business no matter what time or day! Multi-clean is the leading provider in commercial cleaning solutions by having an amazingly experienced and reliable crew that provides the most personalized service and a keen attention to detail.

We perform all sorts of services ranging from our regular total office cleaning all the way to post Construction clean up. With our fantastic Commercial Cleaning OKC services we will provide the best Cleaning Solutions for any and all medical buildings, churches, commercial offices, or call centers. We service all construction sites from between 5,000 to 600,000 square feet to ensure all employees perform in the most safe and secure areas. We Will work with you to build a personalized solution that meets your every need and resolves any and all concerns that you may have for us.

Our promise at multi-clean has only ever been to have our customers’ absolute best interest at heart. We have built an amazing team with the utmost knowledge and experience that you can always trust. Our number one primary goal is to keep your office or facility squeaky clean at all times no matter your business size or traffic. Commercial Cleaning OKC is committed to delivering you the best results and squashing all of your cleaning concerns. Whether you need regular office cleaning, post construction clean up, carpet cleaning for those heavy used carpets, or even floor waxing to make those materials shine again.

We can maintain appearances in cleanliness of office carpets, we can increase longevity of any hard floor surfaces with floor waxing and even smoothly clean up and process construction sites. We provide all these services carefully tailored to every business’s needs. Creating a hygienic workplace increases productivity, professionalism, and even employee efficiency. Our crew has experience cleaning up almost every facility or work site. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices as we are aware of the increase in importance of sustainable routines. With the most open communication we will partner with you and prioritize only your concerns.

We would love to work for you to increase your work productivity amongst employees and give a wonderful first impression for all of your new clientelle. Call us at the number 918-523-8300to schedule your free estimate today or to ask any question or concerns regarding multi-clean or the multi-clean way. Visit our website at to read for yourself about our promises, guarantees, practices, or staff. Find out What makes us at Mult-Clean the most reviewed and highly rated commercial cleaning servicing the OKC area.

Commercial Cleaning OKC | Focusing on Commercial Cleaning Quality

Multi-Clean heavily Prepares construction sites for occupancy by removing debris, cleaning all surfaces, and creating safe environments in all finished construction projects around the OKC area to ensure successful operations following completed construction. This means Commercial Cleaning OKC through multi-clean does more than just tidying the office. To take care of dangerous safety concerns we utilize our excessive attention to detail to protect future occupants. Our service is turn-key in swiftly completing the transition period between construction and occupancy. We will customize a comprehensive cleaning plan that is personalized to your businesses every need.

We at multi-clean specialize in various different cleaning methods and tasks. Multi-clean offers Commercial Cleaning OKC for your facilities carpets. A healthy workspace is essential in offices because of the close proximity in which employees work and the high traffic involved inside most offices. We recommend scheduling regular carpet cleaning services with multi-clean to dispose of tracked in dirt dust and other dirty particles that are usually trapped in carpeting. Regular carpet cleaning by multi-clean can Ensure an increase in your carpets longevity as well as reduced costs in maintaining a dirty carpet.

We are extremely versed in protecting all types of floors. Most common industrial or medical locations utilize tile or hardwood. Commercial Cleaning OKC with multi-clean makes sure you receive the precise diagnosis for the type of floor you work with daily. To receive a beautiful shine and increase the life in your hard floors we offer multiple different floor waxing options. Our expert team can quickly understand your needs and craft you a personalized schedule to frequently tidy up scuffed or damaged floors all year round. Not only does waxing your floors provide a beautiful shine and increase in lifespan but also increases the protection and safety of both your floors and employees.

We will handle any of your much needed janitorial concerns or questions with scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, and even Emergency high quality Services. Frequent quality control inspections ensure we have left all facilities in the most clean state and left all clients with unending satisfaction. If unfortunately you are left unsatisfied we offer a free re-cleaning of all affected areas as well as a full money back guarantee for that day of service. This industry forces us to keep most focus on the best quality of cleaning services and we hope to always over deliver on this main focus.

Call us at the number 918-523-8300today to schedule your first consultation or ask about any questions or concerns you may have. We always offer estimates for absolutely free. Visit our website at to see a list of our happy customers testimonies or even see our lists of services and guarantees. Let us increase employee productivity as well as decrease employee sick days by decontaminating your workspaces by adhering to a specific budget. We would love to partner with you and help grow your wonderful business through a clean impression. These processes always will be better for you to get some enticing things helping you out now.

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