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Around 24 million Americans suffer from allergies that are triggered by a variety of environmental factors. In the workplace, allergens like dust, pet dander, and pollen can be difficult to prevent. 

Fortunately, regular cleaning can reduce the risk of allergic reactions in the office. Workers can go about their day without fear of a reaction by taking the necessary steps to ensure that the office is clean and free of allergens. This includes regular vacuuming, dusting, wiping down surfaces, commercial cleaning, and avoiding shared spaces where dust and other allergens can accumulate. 

Additionally, it is beneficial to designate an area or room specifically for people with allergies so that they can take breaks and rest in a safe, clean environment. By taking these steps, employers can ensure that their employees with allergies can do their jobs without distraction or discomfort.

How to Minimize or Eliminate Allergies in the Office

At work, various things can cause allergies, such as dust, mold, pollen, and animal fur. Since these allergens are floating in the air, it can be hard to avoid them completely. Sources of these airborne particles can range from dusty furniture, carpets, and curtains, to flowers and artificial scents, and even humid areas. During the pollen season, even opening a window can trigger allergies. So, teams must be aware of the potential allergens and put measures in place to protect against them.

Maintaining a clean and allergen-free workspace begins with ensuring shared spaces are kept as clean and organized as possible. This means regularly wiping down surfaces, cleaning up clutter, and keeping areas free of dust and pet dander. It also means keeping the air free of allergens by vacuuming carpets and rugs and regularly changing air filters in heating and cooling systems. 

Additionally, you can conduct commercial cleaning according to certain areas by following these steps:

  • To keep shared kitchens in top shape, daily maintenance is a must. Throw out any food or drinks that have gone bad, wash the dishes, and empty the garbage regularly. Also, keep the refrigerator dry and clean to avoid mold growth.
  • To keep air quality high and reduce the possibility of allergies, it is essential to ensure that bathrooms are adequately ventilated. Additionally, to prevent mold growth, it is necessary to clean the restroom regularly and use surfaces that are easy to clean and mold-resistant.
  • By replacing carpets and upholstered furniture in meeting and common rooms with more washable materials and replacing blinds with washable shades, it is possible to reduce the allergens in the office environment greatly.
  • The air’s moisture should be kept at a low level throughout the office. This can be done using dehumidifiers and heating systems to reduce humidity levels.
  • Setting up an air purification system can be beneficial, especially if the filters are regularly replaced.
  • During the time of the year when allergies are at their peak, it is best not to open your windows and rely on air conditioning instead. This will help alleviate the effects of pollen and other allergens in the air.

In Closing

Encourage staff to clean their spaces often and designate a room for those with allergies. Taking these steps will help reduce the number of allergens in the environment and make it easier for those with allergies to work more comfortably!

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Signs Your Floor Needs Professional Stripping and Waxing

If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to maintain a clean and professional-looking workspace. Not only does this create a more inviting atmosphere for customers and visitors, but it also helps to create a more productive and efficient work environment for your employees.

Floor stripping and waxing can be a necessary part of keeping a clean and attractive business. As floors age, they become dull and discolored and may even develop patches of dirt or grime. If you want your floors to look as good as new, then it may be time to invest in floor stripping and waxing services.

While it may seem simple, floor stripping and waxing require specialized tools and techniques in order to be done correctly. It’s important to be aware of the signs that you need to invest in this service. If you’re unsure whether or not it’s time to strip and wax your floors, the following signs may help you decide:

Signs You Need Floor Stripping and Waxing

  1. Your Floors Are Dull and Discolored

If you look down at your floors and notice that they are looking dull, discolored, and starting to show signs of wear, it may be time to consider floor stripping and waxing. Over time, dirt and grime can build up on your floors, causing them to look dull and discolored. This can be especially true if you have a high-traffic area and don’t regularly maintain your floors. Floor stripping and waxing will not only help to restore your floors to their original shine, but it can also help protect them from future wear.

  1. Your Floors Are Sticky

If your floors are sticky, it may be time to consider floor stripping and waxing. Over time, dirt, dust, and grime can build up on your floors, causing them to become sticky. This is especially true if you have high-traffic areas in your home. Floor stripping and waxing can help to remove this dirt, dust, and grime, restoring your floors to their original condition. Additionally, waxing your floors can help to protect them from future dirt and grime buildup.

  1. There Are Scratches And Scuff Marks

Scratches and scuffs on your floors can be unsightly and detract from the overall look and feel of your home. Scratches and scuffs can occur from regular wear and tear, as well as from furniture being moved around. Floor stripping and waxing can help to remove these scratches and scuffs, restoring your floors to their original condition. Additionally, waxing your floors can help to protect them from future scratches and scuffs.

  1. You Notice Wax Buildup

If you notice a thick layer of wax starting to form on the surface of your floors, it may be time to have them stripped and waxed. Wax buildup can be difficult to remove without the help of professional floor stripping and waxing services. The buildup can cause your floors to look dull and discolored and can make them difficult to clean. Removing the wax buildup can help to restore the shine and color of your floors, making them look brand new again.

  1. There Are Chemical Burns

One of the most important signs that you need to strip and wax your floors is if you notice any chemical burns. Chemical burns can occur when strong chemical cleaners are used on the floor and can leave it looking discolored and dull. If you notice any spots where the finish has been damaged, it means that the chemical cleaners have been too harsh and that the floor needs to be stripped and waxed in order to restore its original shine and luster. Additionally, if you notice any discolored spots on the floor, it could be a sign of chemical burns and you should take the necessary steps to restore the finish.


If you notice any of these signs on your floors, it’s likely a sign that you need to get them stripped and waxed. This process is essential for keeping your floors looking their best and restoring the original luster and shine. Make sure that you choose a reputable company that offers stripping and waxing in Tulsa that you can depend on.

Multi Clean has been providing reliable cleaning services, as well as stripping and waxing in Tulsa since 1993. Get in touch with us to get a quote!



Maximize Efficiency: 5 Essential Steps for Lobby Cleaning

Lobby cleaning is essential for a positive guest experience. To ensure guests have a flawless first impression of your property, maximizing efficiency should be your primary goal in lobby cleaning. Moreover, it shows that you take pride in the appearance of the space, taking care of the details to ensure everything looks spotless. 

Here are five steps to include in your lobby cleaning procedure to get the most out of your cleaning efforts.

  • Dust Furniture, Shelves, and Light Fixtures

It is essential to use methods that effectively remove dust without causing any damage to the surfaces in the lobby. Depending on the material of the furniture, shelves, and light fixtures, different cleaning techniques may be necessary.

In most cases, wiping down surfaces with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth is sufficient for removing dust quickly. It ensures that no liquid is left behind on the surface, which could cause damage or staining. In addition to using a microfiber cloth, a vacuum cleaner with an attachment designed for cleaning delicate surfaces can also be used.

  •  Vacuum Carpets and Mop Floors

Vacuums remove dust and debris from carpets, keeping them looking fresh and clean. It helps maintain the structure and integrity of the carpet fibers over time. Mopping is necessary to keep hard surfaces, such as tile and linoleum, free of dirt and grime. 

When vacuuming and mopping, it is crucial to consider the type of surface cleaned. Carpets require more suction power than hard surfaces so heavier-duty vacuums may be necessary. An upright vacuum with a rotating brush may be ideal in high-traffic areas. 

  • Clean Windows and Mirrors

Clean windows and mirrors can create a pleasant visual experience for visitors entering the lobby of a building or office. Spray the appropriate cleaner onto the surface, covering all areas. Use soft paper towels or microfiber cloths to thoroughly clean each window and mirror without leaving any streaks.

  • Empty Trash Cans and Replace Liners

One of the essential steps to maximize lobby cleaning efficiency is emptying trash cans and replacing liners. It helps in keeping the lobby clean and minimizes the need for frequent trash removal. In addition, regularly changing liners ensures that odors and bacteria do not accumulate, preventing cross-contamination from one garbage can to another. 

To increase efficiency further, it is a good idea to have several extra liners easily accessible near each trash can. It will make it faster and easier to change the liner when it becomes full or needs to be replaced. 

  • Disinfect Surfaces and Doorknobs

Disinfecting surfaces and doorknobs are essential to maximizing efficiency when cleaning lobbies. These areas are often highly trafficked, and as such, they must be regularly disinfected to reduce the risk of spreading germs. One should use a commercial-grade disinfectant designed to kill bacteria and viruses, such as household bleach or a hydrogen peroxide solution, to disinfect effectively.


Taking the necessary steps to maximize efficiency for lobby cleaning cannot be understated. A clean lobby projects a professional image and can create a lasting impression on guests. With the right equipment, cleaning products, and routine maintenance, you can ensure a sparkling lobby for your guests. 

Finally, if you don’t have the time and energy to clean your lobby, you can always contact commercial cleaning companies to aid you. They have the expertise and the best types of equipment for the job.

Are you searching for a commercial cleaning service? Check out Multi Clean! We offer top-notch cleaning services for every type of business or institution. We are licensed and insured and have conducted extensive background checks on all our staff members. We can provide you with individualized price estimates that meet your specific requirements. Contact us today!

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