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Waxing business flooring should not add an excessive amount to the overall expense. It should simply be an adequate maintenance expense, regardless if your office’s flooring is stone, tile, and hardwood flooring must be waxed.

However, it must be known that waxing that is too much or too little can be difficult. You may spend additional fees and cause damage to your tile, hardwood, or stone flooring if you strip and wax it too frequently. At the same time, damage can also be caused by insufficient stripping and waxing.

As such, finding the balance is key. Many business owners and office managers frequently ask about this topic. From what we know, the bulk of floor waxing service providers recommends waxing the floor every five to six months.

However, in addition to our recommendations, the ultimate price you pay will be determined by a number of other factors. Today, you will learn how frequently wax is applied on business flooring. Read on for more.

The 2 Most Important Factors to Consider When Waxing Commercial Floors

The usage of industrial floor wax helps to keep your flooring clean. It is critical to ensure that a prospective customer’s initial impression of your facilities is not based on a dirty floor.

However, a variety of circumstances may speed the degradation of the floor, necessitating more frequent waxing than is advised. Some subpar service providers may try to compete with you by waxing your floor, which collects dirt and grime and makes cleaning more difficult. When the waxing procedure is over, your floor will not be clean, and you will be charged for washing and re-waxing it as a result.

Before hiring someone, solicit bids from several different service providers and base the job needs on those bids. Make sure they also consider the important factors that go into waxing commercial floors, such as:

1. The Business Location and Foot Traffic

Foot traffic influences the frequency of floor waxing. Floors in high-traffic areas become quite dirty very quickly.

Determine whether the flooring in your foyer and conference room is stone or hardwood and which you like. Because the surface wears down and becomes dirty faster in high-traffic areas, it is necessary to wax the floor more frequently.

2. The Type of Flooring

The type of material should be considered when determining how frequently to wax the floor. Stone and hardwood floors wear in different ways.

It’s not only a matter of choosing between stone and wood for the floors. Because different types of flooring wear down differently over time, it is vital to establish which floors are being maintained and at what intervals.

Even when considered as part of the same “group,” different flooring materials wear and tear in different ways. Marble, granite, and slate, for example, all require unique cleaning and maintenance.

Marble is easily scratched and should be cleaned by a professional only. Despite the fact that marble is more frequent, granite is more resistant to the impacts of cleaners. Meanwhile, foot traffic soon wears down the slate.


When looking for a commercial waxing professional, it is critical to have a thorough understanding of how your flooring responds to various forms of wear and cleaning chemicals. Being able to know what your tiles and flooring needs will also help you find professional waxers that can provide you with what you need. With the right waxing practices, you can ensure that your flooring lasts without the need to spend more money!

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