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There aren’t as many carpets in the office as there formerly were. Not everyone has chosen to get rid of them because they add warmth and character, and even if they demand more maintenance, they may be a great alternative. 

If you have office carpets, keeping them clean is essential. Continue reading to learn more about the risks and undesirable elements that could build up in your carpets if you don’t clean them. Did you know that your office may contain all of these items?

Dirt and Soil 

Research indicates that the average US home can accumulate up to 40lbs of dust yearly. In locations with high foot activity, this number might be higher. 

During the winter, there is a greater accumulation of dust, dirt, and soil because more people enter the building from the slushy, wet walkways. 

Additionally, dirt and filth can enter through windows and open vents. Although neither appears very dangerous, a significant buildup of either can irritate the respiratory system. They can also worsen allergies and provide the perfect environment for pests like bugs and dust mites.


It is unpleasant and uncomfortable to have office odors, and carpets are great at holding odors and stenches in. Common odors in carpets range from the smells of spilt food and beverages to mildew and even urine. Despite the limited possibility of pee on your office carpets, if the carpet is not cleaned routinely, other odors may soon cause problems.


Whether it originates from your staff members, other office visitors, dust and dirt, or both, bacteria readily and quickly make a home in the carpet. Some studies suggest that carpets may have 40,000 times more bacteria than toilet seats. Bacteria, including E Coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus, are frequently discovered in soiled carpets.

Though it can be frightening, periodically losing skin and hair is a part of life. Millions of skin cells and hair follicles leave the human body each day. If the carpets aren’t cleaned, these quickly build up and add to the general clutter. 

Remember that unwanted parasites like fleas and ticks would happily feast on these shed cells and hairs, posing an additional problem.

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning

It’s not necessary to rip up the office carpeting just yet. Instead, you can put in place some best practices, like: 

  • Regular vacuuming
  • Placing mats in the entrance stops contaminants from getting inside after this point.
  • Take immediate action if there is a spell involving food or drink

Hire Thorough Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets in busy offices require periodic cleaning to keep them safe and in outstanding condition. Cleaning services in Tulsa, OK, offer commercial carpet cleaning to keep even highly used flooring in the best possible condition. 

The professional cleaning services ensure that carpets are kept as immaculate as you need, with options for thorough cleaning and routine cleaning services in Tulsa. They ensure that no odors, stains, or other concerns are present in your carpets that could endanger the health of everyone working in your office. 

Moreover, professionals can adjust carpet cleaning services to fit your business’s schedule. Many customers sign recurring carpet cleaning agreements, but they also know they can get in touch immediately in case of an emergency. 


If you’re wondering what might lurk in your office carpet, the answer is probably a lot of dirt, dust, and other allergens. Over time, these can build up and cause problems for your employees, so it’s important to have your office carpet cleaned regularly. Some office carpet cleaning services are available, so you can select the one that best fits your needs.

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