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Lobby cleaning is essential for a positive guest experience. To ensure guests have a flawless first impression of your property, maximizing efficiency should be your primary goal in lobby cleaning. Moreover, it shows that you take pride in the appearance of the space, taking care of the details to ensure everything looks spotless. 

Here are five steps to include in your lobby cleaning procedure to get the most out of your cleaning efforts.

  • Dust Furniture, Shelves, and Light Fixtures

It is essential to use methods that effectively remove dust without causing any damage to the surfaces in the lobby. Depending on the material of the furniture, shelves, and light fixtures, different cleaning techniques may be necessary.

In most cases, wiping down surfaces with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth is sufficient for removing dust quickly. It ensures that no liquid is left behind on the surface, which could cause damage or staining. In addition to using a microfiber cloth, a vacuum cleaner with an attachment designed for cleaning delicate surfaces can also be used.

  •  Vacuum Carpets and Mop Floors

Vacuums remove dust and debris from carpets, keeping them looking fresh and clean. It helps maintain the structure and integrity of the carpet fibers over time. Mopping is necessary to keep hard surfaces, such as tile and linoleum, free of dirt and grime. 

When vacuuming and mopping, it is crucial to consider the type of surface cleaned. Carpets require more suction power than hard surfaces so heavier-duty vacuums may be necessary. An upright vacuum with a rotating brush may be ideal in high-traffic areas. 

  • Clean Windows and Mirrors

Clean windows and mirrors can create a pleasant visual experience for visitors entering the lobby of a building or office. Spray the appropriate cleaner onto the surface, covering all areas. Use soft paper towels or microfiber cloths to thoroughly clean each window and mirror without leaving any streaks.

  • Empty Trash Cans and Replace Liners

One of the essential steps to maximize lobby cleaning efficiency is emptying trash cans and replacing liners. It helps in keeping the lobby clean and minimizes the need for frequent trash removal. In addition, regularly changing liners ensures that odors and bacteria do not accumulate, preventing cross-contamination from one garbage can to another. 

To increase efficiency further, it is a good idea to have several extra liners easily accessible near each trash can. It will make it faster and easier to change the liner when it becomes full or needs to be replaced. 

  • Disinfect Surfaces and Doorknobs

Disinfecting surfaces and doorknobs are essential to maximizing efficiency when cleaning lobbies. These areas are often highly trafficked, and as such, they must be regularly disinfected to reduce the risk of spreading germs. One should use a commercial-grade disinfectant designed to kill bacteria and viruses, such as household bleach or a hydrogen peroxide solution, to disinfect effectively.


Taking the necessary steps to maximize efficiency for lobby cleaning cannot be understated. A clean lobby projects a professional image and can create a lasting impression on guests. With the right equipment, cleaning products, and routine maintenance, you can ensure a sparkling lobby for your guests. 

Finally, if you don’t have the time and energy to clean your lobby, you can always contact commercial cleaning companies to aid you. They have the expertise and the best types of equipment for the job.

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