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In Todays blog and podcast we will be discussing several important items relating to Okc Janitorial Services. The two topics that we will be discussing today is fair pricing and having a good management team in place.

Fair Pricing

Fair pricing in Okc Janitorial Services is critical to the success of your operation. One of the issues that a start up cleaning service can have is pricing your services to cheaply. One problem with this is once you attain employees in Okc Janitorial Services then your cost to run the operation does go up. You as the owner will not longer be able to afford to pay your staff if the pricing is too low. One thing that you must remember when pricing is to include such things as payroll taxes, workmans compensation insurance and also liability insurance. Usually payroll taxes will run at least seven point five percent of the persons paycheck and then your responsibility as the owner of the company is to match the payroll taxes. Along with that is to make sure that you have secured a very reputable insurance company to take care of your needs for workmans compensation insurance. Workmans compensation insurance covers any on the job injury that happens to your employee in Okc janitorial services. It is also important to make sure that you put all of your employees through as basic safety training program which will of course, keep your workmans compensation costs way down.

Liability insurance is also important if there is a tragic accident at one of your customers office buildings and you or your employees are the cause of the accident. One of those accidents could be damaging a wall with a back pack vacuum, or spilling chemical on carpet that is repairable beyond just simple carpet cleaning. Also during construction cleans it is possible to damage glass or mullions with a scratch pad. These accidents in Okc janitorial services can cost anywhere from five hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars. Not having a good liability insurance policy in place can cost you the success of your business or even cause you to go out of business.

Workman’s Compensation

These last two items, workmans compensation insurance and general liability insurance are key to long term success of your janitorial service. In Okc janitorial services we recommend a good quality insurance company that has very high rating for your company.

One other feature is to make sure that you have good management staff to oversee the employee team. This cost of having a management team in charge is one item that you must

Include in the cost of bidding accounts. It is possible in Okc janitorial services to have a part time evening supervisor that can help watch accounts at night and help cover the cleaning if an employee calls in sick or needs further training on the building that they are cleaning. The management staff that you hire for Okc janitorial services needs to be competent on how to clean buildings and also it would be very helpful if they could have knowledge about how to clean carpets and work on floors. Finally, it is very important in Okc janitorial services to make sure that you cover all of factors when bidding on a new accounts. Being a small company is ok, but when you get larger you will need to make sure that you put enough margin in your quotes to cover all of the overhead that you will have.

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