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Janitorial Marketing

This blog for Okc Janitorial Services we will be discussing how a marketing company can help the growth of your janitorial service. One of the most important aspects of growing your company is to have an effective strategy for your marketing and sales. Having a smart company like Thrive time marketing to assist you in your marketing strategy is key to long term success. One of the things that they have taught me about marketing is to make sure that your website is google compliant. In Okc janitorial services having a non google compliant website will make it difficult for your website to rank high in google searches. Very few people know that in Okc janitorial services that google downloads the entire web each day and updates your website to its own servers.

One area that Thrive time marketing has showed me to grow my company is through getting google reviews. We have been able to get some very good five star reviews which has helped our ranking. Mainly in the google maps is where potential customers will see how many reviews that you have. Getting good reviews will push those customers to your website thus creating opportunities for more business for your janitorial company. The goal of getting reviews is to have at least twice as many reviews as your closest competitor. If you closest competitor in Okc janitorial services has twenty reviews then your goal should be to at least get 50 reviews for your website.


SEO Marketing for Janitorial Services

Another Marketing tip would be in your SEO work. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is where your marketing team sets up your website in such a way that it is easy for google and others to read the information. Most websites in Okc janitorial services should be set up in the wordpress format. WordPress is the most common and easiest to maintain and edit if edits are necessary to make.

Another area that Thrive time has taught me is in getting good content on your website in what they call the back end. Otherwise known as the sitemap. In the sitemap on Okc janitorial services is where you put all of your articles such as this one for google to read the content and be able to rank your website higher in the google rankings.

Another area that I have been taught is to have what is called a purple cow. When you drive down the highway and only see black cows, that is really nothing special. But however if you were ever to see a purple cow, you would probably stop and watch the cow and see what is so different about this purple cow. In this way having a purple cow in Okc janitorial services will set yourself apart from your competition.

Summary of Janitorial Marketing

One purple cow can be offering a first month offer at a discount or also giving a new customer free carpet cleaning or a free strip and wax of their vct flooring. Any way you want to look at this in Okc janitorial services setting yourself apart from other cleaning services. In your area will create a buzz for your name and your cause in Okc janitorial services. Thanks for reading this blog about setting your business apart in this industry.

When marketing your janitorial service, it is best to remember to use a good marketing company. If you do not have a local marketing company that you can use, I highly recommend the services of Thrive time marketing. Jason Beasley is a fantastic coach for janitorial services throughout the country.

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