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Selecting the right commercial cleaning service for your business is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the cleanliness, safety, and productivity of your office space. Ensuring that you’re equipped with the right questions to inquire about their services can help you choose a company that best suits your needs. In this article, we’ll provide you with five essential questions to ask before hiring a commercial cleaning service, along with insights on how Multi-Clean addresses each query.

Understanding the qualifications, experience, and capabilities of your prospective commercial cleaning service provider is key to maintaining a clean and well-maintained office environment. Multi-Clean’s commitment to providing exceptional services and maintaining a high level of professionalism is clearly demonstrated in their comprehensive responses to these must-ask questions. Keep reading to discover the five significant questions that can help you make an informed decision and to learn more about Multi-Clean’s expert services in the Tulsa area.

1. What Services Do You Provide, and Are They Tailored to My Business Needs?

The first question to ask any commercial cleaning service is about the types of services they provide and whether they can customize these based on your specific business requirements. Different businesses have unique needs, and it’s essential to find a cleaning service that can accommodate these. Multi-Clean offers a wide range of services, including office cleaning, construction clean-up, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and floor care, among others. They emphasize understanding each client’s needs and tailoring their services accordingly, ensuring that your office or workspace remains clean and well-maintained.

2. Do You Have Experience with Similar Businesses or Industries?

It’s crucial to find out if a commercial cleaning service has experience working with businesses similar to yours or in your specific industry. This can help guarantee that they understand the unique demands and regulations specific to your line of work. Multi-Clean has over 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, serving a diverse range of clients, including healthcare facilities, office buildings, educational institutions, and industrial sites. Their vast experience ensures they’re qualified to handle the cleaning needs of businesses across various industries.

3. How Do You Train and Screen Your Cleaning Staff?

The quality, expertise, and trustworthiness of a cleaning service’s staff are central to delivering exceptional services. Make sure to inquire about their staff training and screening processes. Multi-Clean ensures their staff undergoes thorough background checks and comprehensive training focused on various cleaning techniques and safety measures. By choosing Multi-Clean, you can rest assured that your workspace is in the hands of well-trained, reliable professionals who are committed to maintaining the highest cleaning standards.

4. Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Before hiring a commercial cleaning service, confirm that they’re licensed, bonded, and insured. This is a crucial aspect, as it protects your business from potential liability in the event of accidents or damages. Multi-Clean holds the necessary licensing, bonding, and insurance coverage to guarantee peace of mind for their clients. This demonstrates their commitment to adhering to industry regulations and ensuring reliable, responsible, and professional services.

5. Do You Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Practices and Products?

As awareness of the importance of sustainable practices increases, many businesses are looking for commercial cleaning services that prioritize eco-friendly cleaning methods and products. Multi-Clean is dedicated to environmentally responsible cleaning practices, utilizing eco-friendly products and equipment to minimize the impact on the environment. Their commitment to green cleaning also ensures that your employees and clients are exposed to fewer chemical pollutants, making for a healthier working environment.

Additional Considerations

Apart from the essential questions mentioned above, here are some additional factors to consider when selecting a commercial cleaning service:

  • Assess Communication: Open and transparent communication is critical when partnering with a commercial cleaning service. Multi-Clean prioritizes maintaining excellent communication with clients, providing regular updates and being readily accessible for any concerns or changes in your cleaning needs.
  • Request References: Reliable and experienced commercial cleaning services should be able to provide references and testimonials from other clients. Multi-Clean’s track record of satisfied customers showcases their dedication to customer satisfaction and high-quality cleaning standards.
  • Inquire About Emergency Services: In the event of urgent cleaning needs, such as spills or accidents, it’s vital to have a cleaning service that can respond quickly. Multi-Clean offers emergency cleaning services to address unforeseen situations, ensuring your workspace remains functional and safe.
  • Evaluate Flexibility: Lastly, consider whether a commercial cleaning service can accommodate your preferred cleaning schedule and if they can adapt to any changes in this schedule if required. Multi-Clean prides itself on delivering flexible cleaning solutions, working around your hours of operation and ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

By asking these critical questions before contracting a commercial cleaning service, you can ensure that your chosen provider is well-equipped to meet your office cleaning needs. Multi-Clean’s comprehensive approach and dedication to high-quality, tailored, and environmentally responsible services make them an ideal choice for businesses in the Tulsa area looking for a trusted cleaning partner.


Finding the right commercial cleaning service for your business is essential to maintaining a clean, healthy, and productive work environment. By asking the crucial questions discussed in this article, you can confidently select a cleaning service that best suits your specific needs. 

Multi-Clean’s tailored and flexible cleaning solutions, dedicated staff, and environmentally friendly practices position them as a top choice for businesses in and around Tulsa. Don’t compromise on the quality and reliability of your commercial cleaning service; Make an informed decision and experience the unmatched professionalism and expertise Multi-Clean brings to your workspace. To learn more about our extensive range of commercial cleaning services and how we can expertly address your business’s needs, contact us today to request a quote and a free consultation, and start your journey towards a cleaner, healthier, and more productive working environment with Multi-Clean today!

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