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Floor Waxing in OKC

There is very little that is more amazing then a beautifully waxed floor. The deep shine enhances the professionalism and gives such a positive view of the entire office.

In OKC, we at Multi Clean Janitorial Services are experts in hard floor cleaning, including floor buffing in Oklahoma City, OK and floor waxing OKC services. Whether you have VCT tile, Terrazo, Ceramic, or other flooring types, we can analyze your needs and make recommendations on the best way to move forward. Even in situations where we can’t help you directly, we ensure to guide you on the right path to get your hard flooring issue solved. Call Multi Clean Janitorial Services today for a free quote and great conversation about your floor waxing and buffing needs in OKC.

Multi Clean utilizes Truck mount power of 1000 PSI and 210 degree water to professionally deep clean your grout and ceramic tile, hard brick. Let us impress you with clean grout.

When your floor finish has become dull (which they all do), we can provide high speed burnishing machines to effective bring back that shine that you deserve.
We offer electric burnishers that move at 1000-2000 rpm. We also offer Premium propane burnishers / buffers that move at 3500 rpms. We also offer Diamond pad buffing on honed concrete floors.

  • Complete Strip and Wax of floors
  • Scrub and Re-Coat of tile flooring
  • Grout Cleaning of Restrooms and Hallways
  • High Speed Burnishing and Buffing of your tile.
  • Propane Buffing and Burnishing of your floors
  • Diamond Propane Burnishing and Buffing of Honed Concrete

When completely stripping and waxing floors, it’s important to know that the flooring you are about to strip and wax, indeed does have wax on the floor. There are several ways to test this. One way is to determine if the flooring will actually accept wax, and even then, floor care professionals still will wax a floor that is not supposed to be waxed. The best way is to take your fingernail and scrape the top surface, preferably in the corner. If the finger has buildup residue, then indeed the floor does have wax. It is important to completely strip and wax the floors.

The best process is by applying a properly diluted floor wax stripper to the floor. Allow the stripping solution to dwell on the floor from 5 to 10 minutes. Then immediately begin stripping the floor with a side by side floor machine. The Multi-Clean team prefers to use a nylo-grit brush when stripping floors. You may also use a High-Performance pad or just a regular black pad. When all the wax solution has been scrubbed or stripped off the floor, then it is time to remove the solution with a wet and dry vacuum. It is important to get all of the solution off of the floor or the floor may need to be stripped again.

One of the most important steps is next, rinsing the floor. Using a clean mop head and only water the technician must rinse the floor of all residue. Once that step is complete, it’s important to perform a final rinse to get all the residue off before laying the floor wax. Once the floor has dried, then the floor waxing team will pour the wax into the wax bucket and use the prescribed flat mop to lay the finish very carefully. It is important not to get any wax on the baseboards, unless requested by the client.

The Multi-Clean Floor waxing team will lay a total of 3 coats of finish. It is important to remember that the team allow for drying time between each coat. We recommend that you allow 30-45 minutes per coat of drying time. Once you are finished the floor will look beautiful with a nice deep shine.

Scrubbing and re-coating a floor is very similar to stripping and waxing a floor. The main difference is that the floor crew does not use any chemical that would remove the floor wax from the floor. The floor technician uses a neutral floor cleaner to flood the floor rather than a stripping solution. When the neutral floor cleaner is laid on the floor the floor technician will then use the same swing machine, however this time they will use a less aggressive pad. The Multi-Cleanteam recommends a green or red floor pad. Once the floor has been scrubbed, the same process ofusing the wet and dry vacuum to remove the solution from the floor. A really good rinse, and then back to laying 3 coats of wax. Then once again you have a beautiful floor, nice and shiny.

Grout cleaning has become more and more requested by Floor waxing customers. Over the course of time, grout can get dirty for various reasons. The process for cleaning grout is similar to stripping wax off of VCT type flooring. It’s important to lay down a solution on the floor and allow the solution to dwell for 3-5 minutes. Multi-Clean Floor waxing team uses a truck mounted cleaning unit for this process. The truck mounted unit will get the water to over 200 degrees. The hot water allows the cleaner to emulsify the dirt, grime and debris away much easier. The grout wand that the Multi-Clean team uses shoots the water down under high heat and high pressure and immediately extracts the dirt back to the machine located back at the machine. Once the process is complete, a final mopping is only required to complete the job.

After completing a strip and wax of a vct type floor, the floor will have a tendency to get dull with traffic, cleaning, and other factors. The floor now needed to be burnished. During the process there are 3 steps needed to successfully burnish a floor.

  1. Sweep all debris from the floor, removing stuck on items such as gum and stickers.
  2. Mop the floor with the proper cleaning chemical. The Multi-Clean team prefers to use Snap-Back which is made by Johnson Chemical. The chemical lays down a small amount of cleaner including a wax derivative. Once the chemical is mopped then the technician will begin the burnishing process.
  3. Burnishing the floor is a very important step in the process. The Multi-Clean technician will use a 1500+ rpm burnishing machine with a white or hogs hair pad. With the pad spinning at a minimum of 1500 rpm (we prefer 2000 rpm for better results), the floor will begin to shine like a brand new penny. The process is actually the floor heating from the burnishing of the wax on the floor. Whenthe wax is heated up it once again begins to shine. Multi-Clean recommends that waxed are burnished at a minimum of 1x per month for maximum appearance.


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