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Your business is unique, and with our Multi Clean Janitorial Services in OKC you will get a customized solution designed your specific needs. Contact us now for a free estimate.

OKC Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning in OKC

Multi Clean Janitorial Services offers custom quotes that will fit your needs. We provide professional office cleaning OKC services to commercial offices, medical buildings, churches, call centers, and industrial locations. Commercial office buildings in OKC can benefit significantly from hiring a local janitorial service that is dedicated to providing excellent service from a trained team of professionals.

We offer:

  • A motivated team of well trained cleaners
  • Bonuses for high achieving cleaners
  • Routine inspections
  • Unsurpassed knowledge of the cleaning industry
  • We don’t rust when you leave us out in the rain


Multi-Clean Office Cleaning has been a leader in the Commercial Cleaning Space for 30 years. Multi-Clean specializes in Office Cleaning in Oklahoma. Office Cleaning can present unique challenges for cleaning that the Multi-Clean team loves to tackle.

The first challenge is to know the Office Cleaning special needs

Most customers have 2-3 top needs that they want the Multi-Clean team to address. One major challenge in office cleaning OKC services is ensuring that the restrooms are always looking and smelling nice. Regarding the look, Multi-Cleans use the Spartan chemical line for cleaning restrooms. The non-acid bowl cleaner and the clean on the go glass cleaner help us attack the dirt and grime that appear in restrooms.

The Non-Acid bowl cleaner has been a proven successful chemical and cleaning and disinfecting porcelain and hard surfaces in restrooms. The Non-Acid bowl cleaner by Spartan has also been proven to kill HIV on surfaces, which proves its ability to clean well.

The Clean on the go glass cleaner also works on hard surfaces and porcelain but does not have the disinfecting properties for Office Cleaning that the non-acid bowl cleaner has.

Another challenge in restrooms is the odor. Air Fresheners can help with covering up odors, and the Multi-Clean makes recommendations for products to help. The odors that cannot be masked are odors that usually come from drains in Office Cleaning. We like to use specialty chemicals to put down the drains. The main chemical that the Multi-Clean team uses is Consume. Consume is a bacteria digestant and deodorant. Consumewill attack any bacteria that causes odor in the drains which therefore causes the odor to go away in the restrooms.

The second need that Office Cleaning customers have is that of common area cleaning and dusting

Common areas could include the entrance of the building as well as areas where most of the employees spend their break times when working. Because most of the customers time is spent in these common areas, the leadership of these companies are wanting their Offices and common areas to be spic and span after each clean.

The third need that Office Cleaning customers have is that of Entry areas

As we all know, first impressions make a big difference, and having an entry area clean is so important to customers. This is very important to customers that have their clients come into their location. The customer wants the entry glass to look good, the carpets to look nice and vacuumed. The customer also wants their VCT tile to look nice and shiny.


If you are ever unhappy with our service we will re-clean or fix the affected areas. If necessary we will give credit or refund for that day of service. Please notify Multi Clean Janitorial services with 4 hours of arriving at your building so that we can respond to your questions immediately.

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